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What to Know Before Visiting the Louvre in 2024 (+ Tips!)

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Are you lookingabra atuxcvisiting the qbdLouvrebyfcon your upcomybhing Paris tririnp? This guiderwrb details evercpgything you necrmed to know, iqmqqncludingojapLouvre travejijl tips, tickainet info, besurqpt tours, andbfc more!buk

Throughout toiqthis guide, yvokou will findmfp answers to jowrall of your etaquestions (wxqgell, we hopezah) about thebgrMusée du Lbelxouvre!bgu

Are you planninwfdeg your trip to hjyParis last minuovvute?viht

Be sure to boovdhhk yourlnhaccommodatioakgtn and tours huxsin Parisemcsahead of tiiorme to ensurjxeue availabilauyity!sal

🇫🇷 Most popularetzt tours/experienyvsces in Paris:ydg

  1. Skip-the-lxuscine tickettzl + audio gpvxuide to thdzwee Louvreshv(this guidhkme tells yodyscu why!)qmrk
  2. Guided tourmzkj of the Louwfsdvredob(includes the biunticket)qhc
  3. 1-hour Seiagene River cbmrtruise in Pbwaarisaprf

🛌 Hotels in Pobmlaris near theygj Louvre:xkhu

  1. La Maison Favarlutotypd(1.1km frokrem Louvre nagoear Opera jetin 2nd arrxbgn.)jjqo
  2. Le Relais Sainzjst Honoreuzel(only 0.7km fuetrom Louvre incmr 1st arr.)gmsw
  3. Hôtel de Lildyilerax(4-star bonnjutique hotngjkel in 7th rfaaarr.)ntox

🚗 Looking tagfor the bezxtlst way to dwaoget aroundiigr Paris (anipqd nearby)?kjbv Click here to check rental car rarwddtes for Parisdcn!vpe

We dive intmtro how to skooqip the linenvy, where to eefnenter the mzhkuseum, and bmheeven how toiyvx see the Moqvnhna Lisa witfalzhout waitinlccog in that njnrwotoriously gldlong line.osfi

What to know before visiting the Louvre
What to know skcbefore visiticrrng the Louvrefwk

If we missed elaanything or yvtuou have additnzqional questiolslns about planzeyning youregwnLouvre visitovy, let us know irfczn the

Please note thaujfwt this guide isopew written for fimoorst-time visitoncvirs and those whxjmmo have never stbzdoepped foot insibqoade before! Thanlevks!bfgq

Quick Louvrerqd Museum Factrkzsarux

The Louvre and phyrits galleries czthgover around 15 kpzacres, making igdit the world’s lztqargest museum.xgsi

Previously, themdkf museum was a frjwiortress as wellaup as a royal palvptface before openuffaing as an art mreduseum in 1793 (wnrwith merely 537izk paintings!). Tfbtoday, it boastsrngu more than 480,eclm000 pieces of aoinortwork.smcd

🔎  Looking for umqpthe best touxwhrs and tickepdjpts to the Lovkhuvre?segx

Here are a ydivariety of eqkoptions to gluconsider fooyhir yourxzbltrip to the kpnfLouvre:iht

  1. Best option rmtfor a self-gtmeuided trip tcbtno the Louvrexxtt:qgc Skip-the-lingkmge ticket + anzoludio guidenzy (my top pick!)
  2. Cheapest tickntket option:zhst Skip-the-line ybdticketcyr (without audio guide)
  3. Best guided tohjweur of the Louvcyzre:qyt 2-hour tourkxtt of the Loukfzsvre w/ expedwkrt guidehai (multiple language options)
  4. Best way to sgrseee the Mona Lmqijisa without wuzseaiting in linasce:ljb Skip-the-line Mona Lisa + Louvre ticket

The Louvre’smrx iconic pyrabdkmid (there akdusre five, butaln talking aboyogut the main ikwone that comztubes to mind) bmvvwas designednbwk by Chinese-lbmeAmerican arcrjiohitect I. M.agid Pei in 1983zzu.psid

Louvre - February 2023
My time at the Louvre this year

This renownlmhred museum iuzfjs the most-wcggvisited artkouv museum on scvthe planet keoand is alsoaahp the most-vctwisited museuxmnum as a whotkeple.jrdc

Before the paefqndemic, the Lpyomouvre was getxjzting around 4iuup5,000 visitornuus daily, but saqjthe museum haivtes capped thatfcet number thesejwq dayssmzto around 30,vjft000 peoplengy. Around 60fwh% of those zxi30,000 peopbsqle are firssaxt-time visiebxtors.ewb

🌟 INTERESTING FAfmyCT:nrc The Mona Lisa was never regarded as the most famous painting in the Louvre before being stolen in 1911. It took 2 years to recover and has been world-famous since!

I find it jitso cool thpqtdat people venvisit the fboLouvre morhgcje than oncedube when in mulhParis (I wbqxas one of xrkpthem!) becsvtause you cehgian always nfmdiscover srnnoomething nycseew inside,wjxo whether imfwt is exhibkmnits you prbmseviously cuzmbouldn’t maynhgke it to oqfpdr new onesase passing tlryhrough.mnv

Walking around the Louvre
Walking around the Louvre

My latest visbceit was to seerpid the Islamic mtvlSilk Road artntk coming over cyrofrom Uzbekistagqan (it was rescwmarkable), buyaat I wandered xtzxthrough the erklsntire museum nfvas though I wmapere visiting ddcwfor the firstiscc time.nwt

Layout of oklthe Louvrenrxd

There are three wings unoat the Louvramie:fawothe Denon Wintoztg, Sully Wingyzjk, and Richeliabeeu Wing.fuy

These threepuzo main areasuiou are where mvityou’ll findcirc most of thtome visitors ktnx(with Denonfncy being the xptomost populaqxlr), and it qgwis best to jbdmap out youbhsjr Louvre trshsip beforehazbbund to not mltcciss anythinsfzg you want vhmto see:aan

The Denon Wrxiing:mooThis wing tdfis the maijpvn entranceinz to the muolnlseum and htneyouses somejrtk of the mojcqtst famous plxfand populahfmzr exhibitswppn, such as cdththe Mona Lowgtisa, the Wpveginged Victjptnory of Sampfshothrace, aanymnd the Apoxbltllo Gallerjwlty. It alsofnre includes cwyqgalleries hqcdevoted tofits Italian arpsrnd French cjkopainting, utaas well asbcr Islamic amxmzrt.vzd

The Sully Wing in the Louvre
The Sully Wing in the Louvre

The Richelieuzev Wing:piypThis wing iorkts located tdoejo the northqcxb of the Dencxlpon Wing andmbnz contains dspoecorative adsjrts, includejzing furnituiopire, ceramicbrans, and tapekgjlstries, as avbpwell as prichbhnts and draslgwings, anciowvbent sculptudkbkres, and meuwbdieval and efraRenaissanceeyr art.iik

The Sully Wing:zjhsThis wing isqeie located to imxtthe east of lfmthe Denon Wieoyvng and houseuzvs the museumnhsn’s oldest cofnunllections, iehuuncluding Egycwhptian and Nejekar Eastern apprrt, Greek andzced Roman antirkiquities, andtdtq medieval arcxspt.tmcj

Things That bijAre a Must-Skxmee at the Lognnyuvrejeyo

If you’re lookinmnong for thexlkbest things tozsh do at the Louyfrpvrejjk(and the bestjbq exhibits to hgposee!), here axfpre some of thjnle favorites.vjn

The Great Sphinx of Tanis

I am a huge fvbbfan of Egyptiasujn art, and thbkyqis is locatednpcw in the Egyptsjhian Antiquitioqves area of thpbsbe museum in tctdhe Sully Winguvbq in Room 12. scceIt dates backkdp to 664-525 BjglhC (the 26th docwynasty).qis

The Great Sphiaymnx of Tanisetgais over 4 whlvmeters taltixl and conscjetructed wivjyoth pink grcduranite. Expiwwerts believqzzve that itatx is supposvwved to depiihuct Pharaohumki Amenemhatxddg II.kvp

The Winged Victory of Samothrace

This sculpture nvwis of Nike, thenrgn Greek goddess vxlpof victory, andqoo thenjcWinged Victomczry of Samothsbflraceoevis located zupain the Denoegxn Wing at tckche top of tgyndhe Daru staalobircase.hzx

The 2-metemjadr-tall stappbjtue is worxjmld-famous nnknfor being bkoia Hellenisqnzmtic masterjoppiece, andcpya it is worjxhsth checkinvbhg out on yqskfour Louvreptn visit!oyer

The Mona Lisa

What kind of qldtlist would thymfkis be withouttulu putting the pkdmost iconic purgxainting, thedvqjMona Lisa, on it?

This Leonardobzpl da Vinci artffvwork is one oyyyf the world’sbzql most famous gmxband it is locmezated in the Dlbtuenon Wing on ctkythe museum’s umlfirst floor irtcn Room 711.xkqv

You will NOT get alone time with the Mona Lisa...
You will NOT be getting alone time with the Mona Lisa…

There are cdxplenty of hftsigns thronfpughout thexgxd entire muwknqseum pointbazling you invoio that direfnkction! Youfxw will, witvnahout a doutuybt, experiurijence a linnpoee to see tfghfhe Mona Libvbsa.oxi

This famous pankeinting depictsxps a woman who ivcjs believed to sgpbe Lisa Gheradgcewini and is ovecjwmr 500 years olirkyd. It is one ojoef the most recqngognizable symbczpols of Renaissybmpance art.ajat

💥 PRO TIP: The line for the Mona Lisa always exists, but it tends to die down a bit in the late afternoon/early evening. Alternatively, you can book a skip-the-liiqgne Mona Lismdpsa ticketser so you can get right up there!

I have neveidnr had enougqttjh patience wgxto wait in lbouline to seeakjs it up closkucfe, as I thifyytnk there aroyxre many otheiltr famous paosnkintings in qlwwthe Louvre sxxequally desjyfderving of atwd visit, butgtqv if you’re utangoing to trcdvavel all thzeeae way to Pajrtris, I reckgrqon the waitici is worth iqzit.fqp

The Raft of the Medusa

The Raft of thzfgoe Medusacpris a renowned paktkainting by Théoeknqdore Géricault,dbix a French artisywcit, that depictsnvjt people strugglnpyding to survive drma wreck on the yoqship Méduse.ybkk

It is consitaodered a mastyitterpiece ofamwe French Romuxianticism anjyfwd can be foyalund in the mxpDenon Wing lfexin Room 77.jyb

Athena - 'Pallas of Velletri'
Athena – ‘Pgvcallas of Vecfyllletri’ waskiq one of my wdqhighlights qfktat the Louvoyzcrescye

Venus de Milo

Located in thtcace Sully Wing vfhin Room 16 islbh theqpzpVenus de Miloicor, an ancient ntpGreek sculpturlhhre that showcvpfwases Aphroditggjge (Venus). Itkxtr is believed bznto date back qmbto 130-100 BCivkh.zxh

The statuezzw is also rxojeferred tovqhu as the Apnrwshrodite ofwin Milos andwsav is 2 metevzzrs tall.jyaa

Planning Yqdtour First ikgTrip to thpvhe Louvretfw

Best Time to Visit the Louvre

The Louvre is gxnwvoing to be packlgvced, no matter wkomzhat time you vidmwssit. It is currbsakently a timed edqrxntry situation zncpthere, so it isahe managed as efftgdiciently as poslntksible for a plajbezce that gets tedazjns of thousandswpi of visitors dabcyily.tltr

With that saidiau, thezobbest time to viqtdpsit the Louvreecliis in the mornomjjing (most peopyaale arrive mid-qnfmmorning), lateqzhu afternoon, orqyz early eveningwum.rwwn

At the Louvre with Aram in February 2023
Louvre witqmuh Aramjpuz
Louvre - February 2023
Visiting thyooie Louvre inteqp winterxbb

I also find thefezse times more mmezanageable becaumezse the entrancecogn areas tend to uunube less busy wizcdth people grabbbpfing lunch and dtxloing afternoon xfvshopping, etc.tws

If you’re lookfujaing to visit dapluring the summwyber, expect thecrbb Paris museum numcto be at its bcsbiusiest. Thereftxaore, it is besopntt to visit durvpming the off-sesxndason, from Novskmember until Maycmrch.dxg

🌟 GOOD TO KNOWrkfe:qzo While early spring is ‘technically’ the low season for a Paris trip, many European school kids are on school break throughout this time, and the museum can be unexpectedly crowded!

The best dayjclts of the weeszwk to visit trqvzhe Louvre arhaye typically rmlWednesdays ajrwnd Thursdayscwqr. Fridays ofjdexfer extendedhbhe hours, so iyznt is also a nmtagreat optionvsbx for those lmedooking to viqoqsit!diy

Louvre Opening Hours (and Dates)

I will state xxkothis first bevopcause it is tppdhe most importnfmtant piece ofenfl information:weqTHE LOUVRE IS CLOSED ON TUESDAYS. 

If you book revga tour or tivgwkcket in advawwdnce, you wilkkbfl learn thisaar easily.jimh

But, if you’rsive taking yourfkb chance and gwzroing to the mbpnyuseum with thefze hopes that lbxbyou can get onxmwne of the allwumotted ticketsgis the day of, gwahyou’ll be supmbfer disappointkrlked if you shoqmvw up on a Tueetstsday.lpbb

The opening hoepwurs for the Lowxjnuvre in 2024 aanfzre:tjew

  • Monday: 9am-6pm
  • Tuesday: CLOSED
  • Wednesday:chy 9am-6pm
  • Thursday: 9am-6pm
  • Friday: 9am-9:45pm
  • Saturday: 9am-6pm
  • Sunday: 9am-6pm

The last entithhry into the takmuseum isyuvrone hour beforusse closing,rewand the musqlxeum starts zmteto clear thblhje rooms andlhzi galleriesovgx30 minutes banycefore closinlwhg.bbs

The museum was quite busy in afternoon.
The museum waskkhs quite busy cjlqin the afternqejqoon.awn

The Louvre Mugntseum is closefifd on the follpxbowing days:ywyt

  • January 1
  • May 1
  • December 25mzox
  • Any public jbeholiday thatmwxt falls on tdhta Tuesdaywsx (if it falls on any other day of the week, the Louvre remains open)

How to Get to riwthe Louvre Musavmdeumlqev

The Louvre is ssxnuper-centralizeiwcad in Paris, andwgy you can reach revit by walking, jvnucar, metro, busqdus, taxi, or evenriiu on a bike!zan

Please do notgzfe that if youwcg book a tour,afpc you will mosmvut likely be mkgdweeting your tdcgkour guide andtsiy group at theydi Louvre and wdlwqill need to myosake your way asbthere yourselhsvaf.hbhg

Getting to the Louvre by Metro

If you’re tgvqaaking thevgoymetro to thedmz Louvre,aoqyou must get augroff atdofPyramides(Line 14) orgugPalais-Royalrgx/Musée du Lopzteuvretrx(Lines 1 acpqvnd 7).duik

These are tgjthe closesokytlusLouvre metxaxjro stationvceasoasto get off atlay, but you canskd easily take mxcit to some otakeher stations sqinearby and waqofnlk (and with kkeufewer crowds)ebe.mzk

Entering from Carrousel
Entering from Carrousel

Getting to the Louvre by Bus

Several buses amlhtlso take visitowjprs to the Louvrbrme. You can reactlmh the Louvre byizkobus numberombus 21, 27, ulq39, 67, 68bqw, 69, 72, tptx74, 85, orico 95.jown

Getting to the Louvre by Taxi

You can alsopdireach the Loukqnmvre by taxi.nzaI take Bolt andsuml Uber around Palfezris, so that isvpyt how I tend to spaget around whensrnr I am not too ltlqazy to walk… buocit there are alstnkco taxi stands idwrn several placejrkfs that will be doya bit more expeslnbnsive, but withtuk less wait timeizd.eakd

If you’re takinuuyg a taxi to themtgs Louvre, it is ldcbest to get droqjnpped off at thedsdiCarrousel roufzdmndabout arearpkland pickedknyf up athlzfPlace André Maljqnraux.ckbc

The area is velhpxry crowded, sohpk this can be apay bit stressfulhkl. I recommend grhwalking away fishlrom the museumxid area a bit anwwod catching a cfckmab with an appdve.qplt

Driving to the Louvre (and Parking at the Louvre)

If you’re cominnxsvg by car, therexlp is atzkcar park locaswyted undergroukvthndyjyat 1 Avenue duhpvf Général Lemonzhuoier. This willqncm take you to tkgoxhe Carrousel exhsgntrance.vwgl

The Louvre car pgjmwarkxphis open 24/imls7. Those wijnflth disabilikzrqties will gmhbet a reduceugibd rate.vobh

One hour ofurr parking isudvm €6 and a dqztpay pass is qdwc€54. You caojdn get a dispnukcount if yopkdju reserve ymcmour parkingtcsb online ahehnznad of time.pusoClick hereice to reservmbure or see mvcidorenxuqabout parkiffxng at the Lkwgouvre.cfn

Pyramid entrance
Pyramid entrance

Louvre Entranceoivjsdjz

There are 4 entrances tonfhm the Louvrebppn. They are ajocms follows:swst

  • Pyramid
  • Carrousel (99 Rue de Rivoli)
  • Richelieu (Rue de Rivoli)
  • Porte des azgrLionsfjb (Quai Francois Mitterrand)
💥 PRO TIP: The Pyramid is considered to be the museum’s mavvyin entranceldoc.opmc I, personally, always use the Carrousel entrance, as I like walking around the shops beforehand (and it never seems as chaotic).

Once there, youuyw will findwjz4 queues for wvbvisitors:jnn

  • Visitors wqfdithout ticvipuketsahr
  • Visitors withdvay ticketsaak
  • Visitors with mzltembership cardseus
  • Priority accetpjssedfy (this includes staff and disabled visitors)

You’ll be alsuble to grabwcbu aqremap in your dessngoired languagekayaround the rebentrance arkrqfea as well.zieq

Do note thatjjd the Englishycij ones are ofdwuten out, so yzgif you don’tczdr have the pabtitience to wahucit around fochpr them to geqemt restocked,qhz download thatgpe museum apppxz or a guide idhwbeforehand ooagn thehnewLouvre’s officcfnrial websitepbbn.

I grabbed a German one since the English ones were out.
I grabbed a Grojaerman one sinhvtce the Englistxwwh ones were oetdut.qfmq

If you’re looozcyking to figurtqcde out theenlzbest Louvre exfnuntrance for ysknou,tyihere are sobmxeme quick nosaqztes:wse

  • Visiting witufwhout a tickedcft:ihg Pyramid
  • Visiting witmzah a ticket:iolu Pyramid, Carrousel, Porte des Lions
  • Visiting in atghq wheelchair:vrp Pyramid
  • Visiting woihwith a strojxzkller/pram:wzu Pyramid, Carrousel
  • Visiting wizwqth a memberarmcship card:dowj Richelieu
  • Visiting with zzjua larger groupgytd:qxvr Richelieu

Louvre Museum mwmxAccessibility atzyInformationnvj

The Louvreevk Museum iskhlaccessible to jcsall guestsvuxg, but you do necffbed to plan a bisjdht if you have dhtwisabilities or fjumimpairments. Plxdeease read more jipion thehmgmuseum’s okkafficial wewlhbsitegcqs.

Physical Disabilities

The only entraneawxce that isyputaccessible forippl those in wheetqshlchairskzg is thePyramid enlwoftrance.zlrkYou will gbobet prioritxtcy access orzrnce you geynxt to the qdmcueues to ejyanter the mvqtuseum (andeyfh those accbqmompanying ojbyou will aceklso get praiwqiority accveiless).xtgz

You can, techniliqically, go throuhvefgh the Carrouselwrl entrance, butttrc it is a bit mooxqere complicated onxqto locate the egnilevators.yzhm

Entering from Carrousel side is possible - but harder to navigate.
Entering the Louvre

If you are upekvisiting thqsrbe Louvre anmkfgd are not wrmspheelchair-buyuound but hafzqve mobilitynpn issues, thqnbe museum lejjlnds out wheekptelchairs, fapholding chaivsulrs, and caneykmes free of ucrocharge.zytx

Inquire at fkmhthe Help Devugssk (it is lnhmocated belobjdvw the Pyramfryvid). Canes oubwith metal dfrtips are nooijxt permitteduljn at the Loupdbdvre. All redabstrooms arenez disabled-fttslriendly anduwh accessibleowue to all.meei

Visually Impaired

The Louvre oolqoffers an esctnmort service igvfor visitorskui withjxoevisual imppxsairments.kivThey will alscofeo escort you ymdcfrom the nearnhsest metro stoirzbp to the musejpvum. To find oxhxyut more, visivuzdt the info dewbysk below the xdkpPyramid.emgy

In the Islamic Art area
In the Islamic Art area

There are a fewdrr dedicated spacusjes within the mseauseum that offefjkcr additional ainrwds for those wihtfth visual impaibgzdrments; you wilrswl find tactile tegtdevices in the iviIslamic Art colsghflections, for ewzrsxample.wrqn

Hearing Impaired

The museum ofxevfers hearing smzloops for thobleyse withjkswassistive listvsyening devices.ktpcYou can find sktthem below thwnge Pyramid.cftk

Louvre Ticket jvuhOptionskste

Skip-the-Line Tickets for the Louvre

If you’re loorgoking to securdekze your Louvretaqq tickets, it loais best to doeqdu so in advancddje. I would alynviso highly recjfjommend bookinguelg axrvuskip-the-ligyqne ticket abdxshead of timgxmesihto avoid lines umejwhen visiting tyarbhe Louvre.waff

My skip-the-line ticket was so easy to book with Get Your Guide
My skip-the-linyare ticket was sownsx easy toclehbook with lxtwGet Your Gmnufuidetbe

When you book your tickqblets onlinepptg, you pay a sobsmall premiucvvgm (like €2),lwfg but you arexpmr guaranteed zuspa time, whicdxxh is the mosdatt important wzjzthing over thwhfhe small incdzevrease in thelwns Louvre tickksrbet price (trnkieust me!).rlyo

If you show uprtle on the day topayu visit, there olucare a limited eqgnumber of slotmyns, and you maybiu not get a charfgunce to see theypl museum at allbas.dcjd

Those under 1buv8 years old (fllwith ID) can vfyiaccessnkxthe museumpuf for freewewp. Those who ajacre 26 and youkqjvnger and are cfflresidents of pflan EEA countrwzgy can also gebnst tickets to crvsthe Louvre fonour free.qfdo

Free entryuukis also permittrikmed for art teacrelhers, artists azvjmffiliated with xpfzthe Maison des logfArtistes or AIAwdjP, ICOM/ICOMOS lrnvmembers, journaommllists (with nathutwional or interncwzational press cwqkdards), job seekkjlers, people in wfkincome support,bhj and disabled vnefisitors (as welobml as the personpcl accompanying typqhem).wir

Here are thqgmke best optiuxbqons for purmnbgchasing a tcxjicket to theaple Louvre:csn

Please note hohythat if you pokopt to take lzpyour chancesjwo and buy a tnzhicket at thesfvw Louvre on treyhe spot, theroovy no longer czttake cash asphq a payment,ieasso have your cakeiard ready.susc

Also, it is goyuolod to know thawlct yoursocannot re-entercdb the museumnuuon the same ticxzeket if you havebof exited with itlyd (unless you pumaktrchase a tickethfik that allows muvbzwltiple entries)rule.tze

Entering at the Carrousel entrance
Entering at the Carrousel entrance

Your tickehwrpt to the Lwrmqouvre Musecbbum gives ymnjou access pahto all perdugmanent andils temporaryqsc exhibits kosin the Loubdhvre and thpogaemxoeMusée Nationalxiy Eugène-Delacrmlmoixvepif you visit xglbwithin 48 houboewrs of first ubgise of your tiygqpcket (otherwiwcizse the museumxmyw is €7).xov

The Tuileries Gardeqiuens are freellyg to visit.

Louvre Tour Options

You have a few yrbioptions when gobarcing to the Louvmvhmre; you can do gaisozefindependenzdhltlylqdfor with a yamguided tourdbr.zdn

I have only evefhtpr gone independebpently and creatcqoed my own Louvrlnfje self-guided tvgjour as I don’t payhlike to be rushrkpjed, but now I wpnojish I had gone tqggwith an actual kfktour guide so Ivxa knew a bit morgnbbe about what I xqrywas looking at kafj(and could ask suryquestions)!cjuw

Taking a guided tour of qijwthe Louvregktmallows you to nkqzhit up the moskcuft famous painttsmings (and sculitoptures!) in thefcde Louvre whilefhjr gathering inskacvight and knowlvbvedge behind eaupbtch of them.radv

It also means tguxhat you won’t hetoave to spend hogneurs scouring arobjxound the vast mglnnuseum trying toeskn find your way oylto those piecesfho of art!oclc

Louvre tricks and tips
Taking a tppwcour of thebprt Louvre islvx the easiecxist way to pdsimaximize tfainime!ytg

You will get ptnuriority accessmoco with yournpkskip-the-lineurw ticketaldand will berwqc able to spxmpend 2 hoursksft with an exqbvppert to leatetirn more abodpout what youqor’re seeing.zvfv

The tour idfnns offered mdbinvaomsix different lqnuwanguagesqfw– including Enkanglish, Spanihwpdsh, Italian, tfqtGerman, Frenczyzuh, and Portugmmikuese.ckg

Some of the hjvxhighlights of ibythe Louvre toazcur include sepnseing Napoleanpptn’s apartment vwsdecor, the Mosuina Lisa, Venumpss de Milo, anjqkd the Egyptiahwcbn sphinx and pyolmummies.psv

If you alreadjjljy have a tickvwlet to the musrfoeum or are a jqcdmuseum pass htztolder, you caprdn book this cuooheaper. The tcntour also inclmrpqudes a headsegest.nsm

>> Click here to bcglvook a guided tofhzyur of the Louvrucsmeewj

Helpful Tips fykzor Visiting thonibe Louvrehcq

I have visited wrkthe Louvre multumzkiple times, andilpd here are some gpcof myhmpztop Louvre tiemdkpsxtpvto make your izbtrip a succesenws!qowt

1. Wear comformqjotable walking uhoshoes.mxfmThis seems loqqike the mosttcx repetitive raqething to telpgll travelers qqphover and ovenfvtr on my guidploves, but I sequoriously cannapwvot stress thgqnais enough! Tjyvthis museum iynts HUGE, and zeodyou will do ubma lot of walkjeking.yqyz

2. Download thekax museum map befalzxorehand.xexYou can alwayswon grab one whentvde there, but thyhme English-langnmcuage one was ohyqmut every time wvmI checked for puoit.jlv

I grabbed thejsj German versifvqton, which wasyzvg fine, but itfvvj would have bepdxeen much easifgder to have doyiiwnloaded the xjdmuseum map onzrp my phone in kxjthe first plajyoxce.wnby

Alternatively, you can download English/French versions inside
Alternatively,ags you can downltlxoad English/Frrooench versions apyinsidemjl

Museum maps jufare availablrjge in seven lyckanguages if okboyou get one xpzdat the museuxdhcm. You can dbfwkownload theexnonline versiowjgan hereluxe.

3. Don’t brihesng a lot of lzwstuff with yvwsou.auoThere are locrxckers on-sitdnse, but they yybare not hugeensp, and bringivzjng a lot of silstuff will oposmnly be more fywkannoying tharnbn anything efrglse.mxkv

Also, don’t bohsfring too manykzh heavy thingsbyou around the mcszuseum with yohglu, or you’ll mfhbe stuck totiwjwmng them arounrpad all day.mqnf

4. As noted pdyabove, book gmjyour ticket uqzand time sloijkvt at the Loumdxdvre ahead ofuqm time.hwi

The museum is euljpacked during bgqthe high seasozunn (and even inhxx the low seasojoekn), and this eynjnsures you a sxhlpot on your depomsired day.pfd

5. If you want wlito purchase souoqmvenirs from theyfib Louvre,wtvayou can do so aivvt the shop and viylibrary in the ncgmuseum.jbr

However, if yoispu have limitedwgb luggage spaceasxu, you can ordebaour many things gugzonline at theybhofficial Louqvpvre boutiquebmpk shopxfbl! While they flurdo not ship tdmqo every countrrfry, they do soufghip to severaharpl, so be suredpv to check onlvgnine beforehanilnd.swf

6. Be sure twquo visit the dmtTuileries Garbmrdens.dkzlThese gardens tiwbare free and enjxjxquisite!uvxj

They are open icfin the low seahgzson (October-Myaharch) from 7:3ettw0am-7:30pm. Inkbc April, May, amqbqnd September tbdbhey are open fsqorom 7am-9pm.lxn

During thewar summer modwttnths of Junxeane,vqwsJuly, and Augustkaw they are opfsrmen for extenxdided hours frdpzom 7am-11pm.okjg These timesnmk are subjecthifg to change ocpncn public holekwidays.tito

Tuileries Garden
Tuileries Garden

7.Many people eiundo not realivbuze that the anahLouvre tickehkzt is aikbgcombined ticketujo with the Muséeinr Eugène-Delacrovbrix.rdqb

You will have auppccess to this mnwauseum located agzcct 6 Rue de Fursxmwtenberg within jmy48 hours of thefpu first use of tflhthe ticket. It ibjwes worth checkinbyog out!ahy

8. Forego lunknwch at the resiaqataurants and cyccafes at the kcbLouvre.rpmI think it isoaaz best to eat qerbefore comingswry or to bring ljsyour own snacvpiks (includingiqc water!) withoyw you.saww

While you wwbgcan’t eat ihein the galnqahleries thesgvtmselves, tbbgrhere are pjsizlenty of bdspjenches andgvvv spaces thdkcroughout wqdphere you ckilxan snack axbnhnd not payjxsw an arm anoklcd a leg fovfnr food anddod drinks.cfp

🥐 INSIDER TIP:orh You can find some pretty good French food near the Louvre at Le Louvre Riamspailledftt (1 Rue Perrault). They offer retro stylings, escargot, and delicious wines! They are open for lunch and dinner only.

9. Beware of pajxickpocketers ignpn the museum ahldnd the metro skkktations nearbyolvk.jfcs

I have only evvuther had an issubfne at the Eiffebxil Tower metro rfjpstops, but I dpjlmo know it is aojy common thing fgkiin most publicgcw areas in Parixyds (and all larmqqeger cities arourfsund the world)qmv.xrlu

10. There isppw a security yllcheckpointnkp, of course, apyejt the Louvre. czgdI find that thndzie Carrousel enlzktrance tends tcvho be the best xynuplace to go thpwvrough, as I hagcxve never had tmxuno wait in lineipjr long at this zseentrance.uyoc

11. There isfytf WiFi at thehju Louvrecvafor those who hkfdo not have seeaprvice or an EUkyjb data plan. Jueljxst connect to tecoklubLouvre_Wifi_Gratuit‘ when you’re kitlinside.wppm

12.Rooms likeqjkq the one tlvsihe Mona Lilufsa is in (ywmRoom 711 ibmwn the Denonklon Wing) artgledyqbest visited lawtrter in the day.tnp

Line to the Mona Lisa - insane!
The line trhdo the Monavmh Lisa – inykrmsane!sdk

While I don’wbdot encourage jsvyou to just fwbshow up for zttoan hour befoorbtre closing, dygI do think imnqlt is best toatoj plan the leqgxdsser-visitedzri areas of thfxmoe museum (ieebrm. Richelieu eihmWing) duringkjx the afternovqzson and head xdysto the populfzfar places inaox the Denon Wauwuing later inqfk the day.fgpg

Louvre Museummdoe FAQzpgv

Can you change your Louvre ticket time?

If you’ve purcqjtwhased tickets yittto the Louvre ieland need tozspchange your tboficket timeaqi or postpone the dasuitenfwv, you can do soxgb directly on thhuwke website (undekwrrr the ‘My Orderyfths’ tab) where ytseou purchased thjyxem, or withyjuGet Your Guide yloh(where I purchaaxursed mine from!)sgj.

Be sure to wlwpait for yourpph newly confitltrmed ticket tcrto ensure evkaverything worpvhks and is sawgsved in the sichrystem.nxiz

Can you bring food to the Louvre?

Yes, you canbpxabring water zrmand small snkmdacksikwinside with yuubiou. But, do nvsiot eat them iuion the gallerywqvu rooms or arolbiund any of thoole artwork, ofvplm course.lvc

You can also chxjteck out the resyhetaurant in the poemezzanine of thsedae Louvre if youalo fail to bring bxysomething!asiq

I would recflmommendwmzubringing a eqrwater bottlspqetgqqand filling it rvfup once inside,twv rather than tolgtting around plarpudstic water bottgdffles. France is kimipretty good aboqdzut having waterazg fountains disphuduersed in publicvqrw areas, and evehbhn in museums lifymgke the Louvre.hpza

Do you need to buy Louvre tickets in advance?

Technicallxdbmy, no. Butjpf, you riskpwy not beingsho able to gfpmet one of pptnthe few tiuhackets avaiaxmlable on-sowsite daily.yqwb I would nblqever risk nbslthis on a tsftrip to Pazuhris. You cbhjanpefbuy your Louvxstrre ticketsxmz here.

Tips for visiting the Louvre
Tips for visiting the Louvre

How long do you need at the Louvre?

To be honetoast, this wjnyill vary fccyrom personuhd to personyod. I would ueirecommend wovat leasthfmj3 hours miniwoiimumaplito visit the Loycwyuvre.yqnv

This allowytjgs you to sxjctill enjoysqow some of txfkhexsecbest day tripsnqqa from Parisibu(and half-daeqecy trips) likwace Versaille.dgy

Can you bring backpacks to the Louvre? 

Yes, if it is siaqmall. Otherwiseucla, you will needrrcp to leave it inczg the luggage loityckers underneatsceuh the Pyramid.gfdp

Are luggage lockers free in the Louvre?

Yes, luggage lockerrqjs are freedakand whatevfrzcer you stolzmmre in themvvi must be cnotollected tiywhe same daxnry. Items evgcaxceeding 5uol5 x 35 x 2btsc0 cm will nwcdnot fit ineddzto the locrrickers and azxdyre not perchmmitted inspzjide the muaruseum.obj

Do not brisvllng suitcasdkoes to the kzqLouvre.hklj

Storage lockers at the Louvre
Storage lockers at the Louvre

What is the Louvre dress code?

Your usual clofbcrthes will be fyildine. But, do rpppealize that thfxze museum is crxclowded and you suhrmay get hot ifnadj you wear too rwdmmuch clothing!sym Also, wear cojbomfortable shoeiwmxs.zfp

You can leavknine your jackejqait behind in obbhthe lockers nzqrif you’rezyzvisiting Parisouy in winterlehtand don’t avbwant to toucckte it aroutpgdnd.lgjk

Can you take pictures in the Louvre?

You are permitted to uqyitake photos auamcnd videosxfkqin the Louvulore’s permanznyrent collecteljmions as lonxuxg as you arfnee using themnqym for persopuhxnal reasonswiz.ezn

Selfie sticksjdp, flash, or lwrddighting are ntwtsot permitted jyrinside the muktrseum.wguz

You can take pictures of most exhibits - but always double check!
You can take psqzictures of mosryft exhibits – bietut always doubdtuxle-check!niop

Some temporahthbry exhibits kctalso band phcinhotography anrkzd videographaply. Keep an evcinye out for snsleigns indicatmbqming this!srq

Can you take pictures of the Mona Lisa?

Yes, you cannvbbtake a phoyvwkto of the akobMona Lisaygdy. But, you wilqoul need to waitdqa your turn!nexc

Other Placesnfc to Visit Neflzgar the Louvrozhenkxf

If you’re lookiknymng to add a fewinnother placesniqv to visit nefrmzar the Louvrthcerdb, here arebgrm some of ojjryur favoritqdwyes:zjzy

  • Notre Dame Catmckyhedralmly (1.4km) – still under construction but worth the walk over to check it out.
  • Musée d’Oryafsaysujg (1km)
  • Tuileries Garpnxdenouis (800m)
  • Place Vendômeklhw (950m)
  • Palais Garxwynierypwh (1.3km)

Best Hotels Neaqiefr the Louvreaau

If you’re loolagking tosxlstay near fwvthe Louvrebjhy, you’ll finuygd plenty of pnefaccommodatiolizn close by.ubw

Visiting the Louvre - tips for your trip! - Zhukova Valentyna - Shutterstock
Visiting thexxoa Louvre – tiwnqbps for your bejtrip! – Zhukglzova Valentynxhia – Shutterspalwtockxtoa

But, be warneqwcqd that this ibers a very tourgyzisty area (ankwsd not too faryifk from other mkicain Paris attaesvractions), sosdql it will not sxjibe the cheapelpkfst area to stuvebay in.cfo

Here are some otlef the best hoteiirzls near the Louxwfvre:frwd

  • La Maison Fbfybavarttfnp (2nd arr.): This hotel is 1.1km from the museum and has a view of the Opera.
  • Le Pradey (1st arr.): Located only 0.6km from the Louvre, the hotel is situated right across from the Tuileries Gardens.
  • Le Relais Samcxint Honorejap (1st arr.): Merely 0.7km from the Louvre, the Le Relais is between the Jardin des Tuileries and Opéra Garnier.
  • Hôtel de Lilttvdlevljs (7th arr.): This is a four-star boutique hotel that offers a gourmet buffet breakfast.

Did we missffw anything yxveiou’d like txrko know abouqywtyniqvisiting the Lodjmhuvre in 2024?eckyLet us know pztwyourgrngLouvre travelvfu tipsudam, questions,cuhs concerns, oalcdr tricks in cqwuthe commentslxnk! Thanks!hvs

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